Library and Information Services

Bishop Druitt College Information Services encompasses the resources, services and facilities offered by the library, and the online resources that are made available via the college website and the BDC eLearning site. Information Services aims to underpin resource-based teaching and learning in Bishop Druitt College from K-12 and to promote independent learning.


The BDC Library provides resources and a comfortable environment for:

  • Information - especially to assist with research assignments and also to broaden and deepen understanding of class topics
  • Literacy and wide reading
  • Personal development
  • Interest and recreation
  • Independent and collaborative study

The library can also provide assistance with information skills, assignment preparation, internet use, digital video editing and a range of other software applications. Our resources and facilities include:

  • Books for information, research and recreational reading
  • Periodicals for interest, information, issues and current affairs
  • DVDs and ClickView online educational video files
  • Computers for access to files, preparation of assignments, internet, multimedia and editing digital video and music
  • Areas for large and small class groups, and individual reading and study
  • Photocopying and printing
  • Teacher resources and textbooks
  • Displays of students' work

You are most welcome to visit the library from 7.45am - 4.30pm excluding morning recess, Monday to Thursday and 7.45am - 4.00pm on Fridays. Please be aware that staff meetings do occur on some Tuesday afternoons. Students intending to stay in the library after school on a Tuesday should check in the morning that staff will be there until 4.30pm.

Library Staff

Head of Information Services - Mr Mike Colless

Primary Librarian - Ms Marlene Evans

Library Technician - Mr Andrew Walker

Library Assistant - Ms Tracey Hockey





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